The International eXchange Erasmus Student Network France is a network of 33 associations, working on welcoming exchange students in France and promoting international mobility for students. Our 700 volunteers are truly convinced that mobility is an undeniable asset in someone's lifetime, and aims to ease this mobility for 14-30 year-olds. It is our core belief that easy international mobility should be accessible for all: the MappED! project is in complete alignment with our missions and values.


Project Coordinator Sarah Holveck sarah [pontt] holveck [arrb] ixesn [pontt] fr
Director Antoine Mathieu dg [arrb] ixesn [pontt] fr


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The University of Vigo develops several programmes within the Vice-rectorate for University Extension and International Relations and the Unit named Caring for Diversity to integrate all students with special educational needs. The specific programme for the integration of students with disabilities PIUNE is intented to achive the full integration of these students in all the university activities and university life. The Uvigo following its internationalization internal strategy and its Erasmus + objectives has joined the MappED project to contribute to the development of the first online platform about mobility for students with disabilities, as well as to promote is usage among all community members.


Eva Garea Oya ori1 [arrb] uvigo [pontt] es
Toya Güenaga Gude xnvicext [arrb] uvigo [pontt] es
Carmen Ruiz Hidalgo cruiz [arrb] uvigo [pontt] es


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The University of Warsaw was established in 1816 and is one of the largest and top Polish universities. It provides graduate courses for 53,000 students (on top of over 9,200 postgraduate and doctoralcandidates). The University offers some 37 different fields of study, 18 faculties and over 100 specializations in Humanities, technical as well as Natural Sciences.


Vice-Rector for Research and Liaison Alojzy Zbigniew Nowak prorektbad [arrb] adm [pontt] uw [pontt] edu [pontt] pl

Head of the Office for Persons with Disabilities Pawel Wdówik pawel [pontt] wdowik [arrb] uw [pontt] edu [pontt] pl


Visit Website is recognised as a general interest non-profit organisation, which works to allow the disabled and those with limited mobility to be active members of the society they live in. The hard work of Jaccede means that the accessibility of more than 76 000 addresses has been detailed and more than 14 000 volunteers have gone out on the field. The core of the movement is formed by people who have direct contact with limited mobility, and the people around them. Together they unite concerned citizens who together can convince the general public of the need to make the world around them accessible, which will eventually lead to a fairer and more well-balanced society.


Founder and President Valentine Lesser

Director Jeannette Cecora jeannette [pontt] cecora [arrb] jaccede [pontt] com


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ESN is the key volunteer student organization in international higher education in Europe. We associate over 500 local sections providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. We strive for inclusive and accessible education and we are proud to contribute to it by being part of MappED! project.


Project Coordinator Adam Farnik mapped-coordinator [arrb] esn [pontt] org
Project Developer Pedro Teles mapped-developer [arrb] esn [pontt] org
Director Rasmus Aberg director [arrb] esn [pontt] org


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Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe was founded in 1990. It is currently made up of 46 universities from 35 capital cities of Europe, combining over 150,000 university staff and 1.800,000 students. UNICA provides a forum for its Members Universities to reflect on the latest developments and demands of strategic change in university research, education and administration.


UNICA believes in an inclusive Higher Education Area where students from different socio-economical backgrounds are given the same opportunies to graduate and contribute to academic excellence. UNICA is a historical partner of the ExchangeAbility project, aiming at increasing the number of student with disabilities going on exchange and making inclusive education a reality.


Secretary General Kris Dejonckheere secretary [pontt] general [arrb] unica-network [pontt] eu

Project & Event Officer Dominique Montagnese dominique [pontt] montagnese [arrb] unica-network [pontt] eu


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Shaping a future where students with disabilities can succeed.

AHEAD are involved in MappED! because we believe students with disabilities should have the same opportunities to experience an international exchange as their peers. This resource will empower them to make informed choices.


Executive Director Ann Heelan ann [pontt] heelan [arrb] ahead [pontt] ie


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