EAIE webinar on inclusive internationalization (FREE)

EAIE academy

Higher Education Institutions have an increasing participation rate of students with disabilities, even if these students are still underrepresented in international study programmes despite the increasing demand. International Relation Officers need to be aware of the practical issues to be considered when including these students in study abroad programmes.

EAIE WS bannerDuring this webinar, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the concerns faced by students with disabilities during study abroad. We will be looking at finances, legislation and cultural differences. You will learn step by step how to address students’ needs. You will acquire knowledge on the different needs these students might have, learn how to effectively manage their support and accommodations. The course offers practical guidance tools on how to support prospective students with disabilities and insight in recent theories and latest international developments to ensure the practice of your institutions is up to date.

More information is available here.