“The Link Network” project - 6 European countries

“The Link Network” project - 6 European countries

The network is made up of organisations, educational institutions, disability professionals, academics, students and interested individuals who all share the same ultimate goal; complete inclusion of students with disabilities in higher education.

The network is currently run by a group of organisations from six EU countries, all of which share the objective of promoting full access to and participation in further and higher education for students with disabilities.

The partner organisations have wealth of experience in the field of disability in higher education. Together they collaborate to examine best practice in inclusive teaching, learning and service provision in partner countries, and aim to promote these practices across Europe. Collaboration is carried out via regular online virtual meetings using video conferencing and organising annual themed conferences with speakers from across Europe and beyond.


  • Belgium - SIHO
  • Ireland - AHEAD
  • Netherland - Handicap + Studie
  • Norway - Universell
  • Slovenia - DSIS
  • Sweden - University of Stockholm

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You can also check, www.independentliving.org and www.studeramedfunktionshinder.nu