Meet Eric, who completed his Erasmus in Italy!

Erasmus in the beautiful city of Genova (Italy) !

“My name is Eric Ferrere. I am 30 years old. Up to now, I have studied a lot. I have completed 3 years of study in the field of Information Technology, 5 years of LEA (Applied Languages with economics) and 3 years of philology (Spanish and Italian). I have a physical disability and I use a wheelchair. I went on Erasmus to Genoa in 2010/2011."

Why is it important to you to write this testimony?

I believe that disability should not be an obstacle for those who want to go to another city or country to live, study, work or travel. .

What information do you wish you had before leaving?

Make sure that you have all the information you need before you leave. You should research the city, accommodation options, financial support and also make sure that you have all the information you need to complete your administrative tasks and paperwork.

Do you want to share a thing/moment that makes or made you angry?

French administration changed the application procedure for financial assistance at the last minute. When I was in Italy I received a phone call from France (my native country), French administration asked me to draw up cost estimation for personal assistance per week instead of per month as previously requested. Unfortunately, the deadline was impossible to meet, and as a result I did not receive financial support for personal assistance and I could not pay for it. Therefore, day-to-day life was not easy due to the lack of financial support.

What did your stay abroad bring to your life?

It gave me more independence, more self-confidence and made me more open-minded. :)

Do you have any advice for those who plan to go abroad with the Erasmus+ programme?

Get all the information you need before going abroad and do not be afraid to go on an adventure. ;)

"Life is short, we can dream or choose to transform an ordinary life into an interesting one, why not turn a dream into reality? The choice is yours!"