Ludivine, a volunteer at ESN Strasbourg, having traveled to Copenhagen !


My name is Ludivine Roussel, I am 24 years old and I am a student in the 2nd year of a Master's Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Strasbourg.

Having not had the opportunity to carry out an Erasmus mobility, but wishing to have an experience abroad for several weeks, I went to Copenhagen (Denmark) in total immersion over a period of two months.

I carried out my field research in the framework of the elaboration of my project, then I went to visit various Danish institutions, in order to understand the proposed activities and their impacts in terms of "Social integration of students in international mobility". This experience will remain unforgettable for me, both by the reception given by the population and the plurality of actions proposed by the various institutions in this cosmopolitan city. Since many places are managed by and for students, it is quite easy to find a place in society. My interest in issues related to the otherness and mobility is reinforced, however, by exercising a role as network facilitator and discovering projects implemented by a student association hosting international students who have the result naturally my involvement as a volunteer in the Strasbourg section, shortly after my installation in the city, in October 2015. This involvement allows me to discover new cultures, in accordance with my main interest, to do new knowledge and to invest fully in community life, by organizing new social-cultural projects.

Having suffered from a pathology limiting my use of my upper limbs and lower right since 1994, I have for 14 years generating multiple periods of rehabilitation in institutions. This allowed me to meet many people who have always encouraged me to carry out my projects. However, these restrictions are sometimes difficult to accept during my sporting activities or the performance of certain everyday activities requiring a certain sense of balance or motor skills.

Adapting myself to different situations and my disability being now the subject of simple consultations with the aim of establishing follow-ups that remain very occasional, my wish to make this testimony is justified by the idea that the success of a project remains in the conviction and the determination with which are carried out. Indeed, disability must in no way be a brake in the fulfillment of these moments of life.