Domen, European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Amiens !



I am Domen Röthel and I am 28 years old. Currently graduated in journalism, I have walking difficulties so I use a wheelchair.

I did an European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Amiens (France), during 4 months.

Why is it important to you to write this testimony ? 

It is important to me because I would like to encourage other young people with disabilities to go EVS, especially people with physical disability.

What information you wish you had before leaving ?

I wanted to know every detail, starting with the accomodation : will I have enough place to park my electric-powered wheelchair in the room, etc. I didn't have the opportunity because the project I applied for was not made specially for people with disabilities for, but there are such projects too. If you apply for such project, you have a chance to visit your organization and accomodation for a few days, so you can check is everything is OK for you. It is very recommendable especially for people whose mobility is more reduced than mine. I can walk a bit and besides that I also had my car in Amiens (I travelled there by car), so I just trusted that everything would be OK when my host organization told me in the interview that their office is wheelchair accessible and that they would find appropriate accomodation for me. They really did it, so I spent 4 great months in Amiens. Everyone in the office, including the other volunteers were very supportive and helped me sometimes when we went out or when we went for a trip. In 4 months, I visited many towns and cities in France.

Do you want to share a thing / a moment that makes or made you angry ?

There was no such moment.

What did your stay abroad bring in your life ?

I got an experience of living abroad for certain time. I learn more about myself, how I function in new environment, without my family and friends.

Any conclusion word ?

I would really recommend EVS to anyone, including the people with disabilities.