Khalil took the opportunity to realize incredible international mobilities, including his Erasmus in Lille !



I am Khalil Ibrahim Hamzaoui, I am 32 years old. Currently graduated from a PhD in Computer Science, I have a sequelae of poliomyelitis with paraplegia. In 2013, I made an erasmus in Lille (France).

Why is it important to you to write this testimony ?

It is important for me to write this testimony given the experience I experienced in carrying out Erasmus mobility on several sides : on the scientific side, it allowed me to deepen and perfect my knowledge and on the social side, I was able to discover another world, other cultures and new knowledge.

What information you wish you had before leaving ?

I wish to confess that it was an extraordinary experience for me, in which I carried out several activities such as : the first tour of France in a wheelchair for a scientific purpose that is part of my studies (in May 2016), I was able to realize another challenge in April 2017 : participation in the EDHEC race, the first student sporting event in Europe, in which I acquired new things in the field of sailing, the concept of group sport.

Do you want to share a thing / a moment that makes or made you angry ?

There were not any particular things that got me angry except at first to fit in with the excess paperwork to provide when I arrived.

What did your stay bring in your life ?

My stay in Lille brought me many things among which I can quote : the way of seeing things, it allowed me to discover several cultures, several countries traveling as part of my thesis and also in the personal context.