Audrey, a volunteer at ESN Strasbourg who completed her Erasmus in Germany !


My name is Audrey and I am 24. I am a primary school teacher in a french-german school and I teach German. I studied German and did an erasmus semester in 2012 in Mainz. It was actually one of the best experiences of my life. I experienced new ways of life, new ways of thinking, and new ways of studying.

I graduated my master in June 2015. I have been volunteering at ESN Strasbourg since 2014. It was really important for me to give back what committed people gave me when I was an Erasmus student. I still love this international atmosphere, meeting new people, making new friends. I didn't expect to learn so much with ESN. I am a really messy and disorganized person, and I learn everyday how to improve it with ESN. When you have to organize a trip or an event, you have to think about everything (time, money, price, locations, bus or train etc...), and it's really helpful in your daily life too.

In 2015, I was already volunteering for ESN. It was also the year when I've had the doctor's diagnosis : I have the turner syndrome. That is to say I have to go to several specialists like heart specialist, ear specialist, geneticist, etc... once or twice a year. And I can hear 20% less decibels that other people. It's not dramatic at all, but I have to be careful and take my medicine regularly.

When I had the diagnosis and thought about the ESN project “exchange ability”, I wondered how it could have been if I had already known my disease when I was in Erasmus. Maybe it’s not so easy to go to several specialists in a foreign country. Or maybe I would have gone back to France one or two days long to see the doctors. But I’m sure it wouldn’t have changed my motivation and my love for Germany and for discovering other countries.

It is important for me to tell this story, because I want everybody to know : no matter what your experiences are in life, no matter the joy or the problems, no matter if you have a disability or not : TRAVELING AND MOVING IS REALLY GREAT ! It makes you stronger and confident, it makes you aware that you are not alone, and you can work with nice and great people. I love doing promotion for international mobility, I love helping the international students and I love this beautiful connection that we have together. SO KEEP MOVING AND VOLUNTEERING !