Katarina shares her experience after 5 exchanges abroad: "Erasmus is for everyone!"



My name is Katarína, I am 27, from Slovakia and despite my reduced mobility, I did four Erasmus exchanges abroad, and one bilateral exchange programme in Canada.

I started with the Erasmus programme at the age of 22, during my bachelor. I went to study to the University of Luxembourg for one semester. Then, I continued with an Erasmus internship in France (obligatory for my studies) and went to Rennes for 3 months. Afterward, I went for a study abroad experience again, this time to Brussels for 5 months. After that, I managed to find an internship, so I stayed to do an Erasmus internship for 2 months and a half at the Slovak Embassy in Brussels (I did 2 consecutive Erasmus exchanges in Brussels - study and internship). Straight after Brussels, I flew to Canada for an exchange programme of one full semester. 

Why is it important to you to write this testimony?

This testimony is really important to me because people should be aware that Erasmus is for everyone! People who are working for this programme are open-minded, positive and they are looking for solutions. So the only thing that you need in order to do it is courage and willingness to go, the rest will come naturally. Erasmus opened me so many doors, gave me so many nice memories and brought so many people in my life that I cannot even describe it in a few lines.

What information you wish you had before leaving?

I always communicated with the universities in advance and asked them everything that was important to me.

Do you want to share a thing / a moment that makes or made you angry?

I did not have such a moment. I was disappointed while doing my internship in France at the very beginning, I was comparing Luxembourg and France very much. In the end, I overcame it and I enjoyed my internship there very much. I even organised an exposition about my home country for my French colleagues :-)

What did your stay abroad bring in your life?

A hundred of people, memories, valid professional experiences, ... My first stay abroad changed my life. Since then, I am super adventurous. I even did a backpacking trip with my brother in Italy for 19 days to show him the magic of traveling.

Any conclusion word?

Just do it, enjoy it, it is the best programme of the European Union. It is made to change people minds, lives and to make from Europe a better place to live for everyone!